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WhiteNova specializes in developing content for the web that illustrates, explains, and allows the user to understand information more readily. The web as a medium offers new possibilities in the way we communicate, a chance to do web-based show-and-tell the way it was meant to be.

We're not about "bells and whistles" and the latest visual trend just for the sake of showing that we can do it. Instead, we use animation and interactivity to make things easier to understand. The content determines the form, not the other way around.

To create animation and interactivity, we rely on Adobe Flash®, the industry standard for rich interactive content. For each project, we develop a storyboard to map out the animation and type of interactivity. Once that is completed, we create and produce the project to your satisfaction.

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Animation and Interactivity for Effective Web Content

WhiteNova creates interactive content for the web, taking advantage of animation and interactivity to make information easier to understand. We take advantage of the web being able to display more than just text and images. Animation, video, and interactive elements can illustrate change or process in a way that static text and images cannot.

The images on the left are links to some recent work or experiments in animation and interactivity.